I have walked in town many times and other dogs walk past me without a notice, humans don’t even look down, people walk in front of us or don’t hold the door open for us at the Post Office. Rude! But I forgive them. 

The ability to forgive is one of the best traits about dogs, especially with humans. Tom has yelled at me and has lost his patience with me, and I have forgiven him. He has forgotten my dinner and has forgotten to take me for a walk. I forgave him. No matter what Tom has done. I forgive him for everything.  Unlike you humans, dogs have a powerful sense of empathy and understanding without even trying. I feel forgiveness is the most important part of being alive. Because every dog is trying to get along in this world, and we need to understand that we all deserve forgiveness.

I also think without forgiving another dog, or person is the best thing you can do for your mind and heart. Holding onto a grudge or anger only makes you sick or depressed. I also have had to be forgiven. I have maybe once or twice not been able to hold my pee, and went int the house, or growled at another dog for no apparent reason. I confess, I am moody, but have gotten much better, thanks to living with a therapist. 

The holidays are the perfect time to reflect and, investigate yourself about forgiveness. Who do you need to forgive? Who needs to forgive you? There are several ways you can reach beyond your grudge, your anger, and your negativity. This can be a simple message, an email, a little gift, or asking the person you need to forgive to sit with you. All of us, even us dogs have realized after the last years of Covid life is short. And well, for us a dog’s life is VERY short. You all often say one year is seven years in “dog years.” Well, that’s true and that is why we don’t waste a moment. We play, and love, and forgive because all we want to do is live in joy. Sometimes joy feels so good our tails can’t help but wag. So, I ask you all to consider forgiving someone in your life this Christmas. I am thinking of forgiving that Lab who snubbed me last week in town. I’ll have a better Christmas if I do that. Practice what you preach they say.

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays and may forgiveness be a gift you give this year!

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