The Middleburg community is a vibrant place to live. Every day, Middleburg provides unity, familiarity, joy, and tradition. Consequently, many feel it is their duty to give back to those in and around the community. Many local nonprofits emphasize this benevolence. For instance, nonprofits like Windy Hill, A Place to Be, and Seven Loaves work to help those in need. These local nonprofits also provide opportunities for the greater community to support their missions. For example, people can: volunteer, donate, and help with fundraisers. By doing their part, members of the community aid in fostering connections and compassion within Middleburg.  

 Windy Hill is a local foundation in Middleburg. Its mission is to provide housing and other opportunities to low-income families. Windy Hill started its journey as a nonprofit back in 1981 when they renovated The Cottages on Windy Hill Road. Associate Director, Lisa Capraro, remarks how “Windy Hill has grown since then to now house over 800 people” (Capraro). It currently has 310 units of housing within and around Middleburg. This significant growth illustrates the dedication of those involved with Windy Hill. Recently, Windy Hill “focused on resident’s basic needs including housing, making sure they have access to utility assistance, and food” (Capraro).

Additionally, they take “the safety and wellness of [their] residents into consideration, especially the older adults at Levis Hill House, and [make] sure they [have] access to vaccines and masks, and socially safe activities” (Capraro). These initiatives are crucial in helping those within the Middleburg Community. Additionally, they partner with other nonprofits, meaning many people across Loudoun depend on Windy Hill. Thus, volunteering is critical to the Foundation. Lisa Capraro comments that Windy Hill has “a core group of volunteers” who they can depend on for specific programs. They also have additional programs that focus on cooking food, tutoring, arts and crafts, and mentoring. Windy Hill is even hiring a new volunteer coordinator with hopes to have “even more engagement with members of the community” (Capraro). However, volunteering is not the only way those in the community can help. Donating to Windy Hill through their annual gala helps them reach their Annual Giving goal. The annual gala is a fundraiser to help fund Windy Hill’s services and programs. It is a huge party that many look forward to attending. Lisa Capraro goes on to emphasize, “it is a lot to live up to, but somehow we pull it off every year” (Capraro).  Volunteering, donating, and participating in Windy Hill’s fundraisers are excellent ways to give back. Doing so is necessary to maintain a caring, united community. Lisa Capraro concludes that “[w]e are all fortunate in our own ways and the best way to give thanks is to give back in whatever means we can. For myself, it is through dedication to an organization that makes a real impact. We can all contribute in a myriad of ways to make the community function the best for everyone who lives here” (Capraro). Mrs. Capraro said it perfectly, as members of the community, it is our job to give back in the ways we can. Further, Windy Hill provides the perfect opportunity to do so.

Another local nonprofit that contributes to the community is A Place to Be. A Place to Be began 12 years ago. Their mission is to improve lives through music therapy and performances. They are centered in Middleburg and provide opportunities in Loudoun and Fairfax counties. Co-Founder and Creative Director, Tom Sweitzer, says that recently “we gave 6 months of free Teletherapy during the pandemic to ‘high-risk’ students from Loudoun County Public Schools” (Sweitzer).  This initiative illustrates A Place to Be’s passion for reaching out and helping others.

Further, their goals are to encourage acceptance and love in the community. They “offer a place for families who have a child or family who has a disability or difference, a place to learn independence, express themselves, and a community that cares and values them as being fully human” (Sweitzer). Having a safe place is a critical part of everyone’s life.  A Place to Be provides this comfort and freedom of expression in the community. One way the community can support A Place to Be is by volunteering. Volunteering changed during the pandemic. Thus, A Place to Be is just beginning to return to in-person volunteering. They welcome new volunteers and helpers from the community.

Additionally, people can donate on their website, participate in shows, and go to recitals. Tom Sweitzer comments, “this community has wrapped their arms around our mission and our families and for that I am very grateful” (Sweitzer). It is essential to support nonprofits like A Place to Be as a community. 

Lastly, Seven Loaves is a Middleburg nonprofit that provides groceries to people in need. Seven Loaves has been operating in the community for twenty-seven years. However, it provides groceries to many communities. There are no residential boundaries to receive food. Pantry Operations Manager, Tami Erickson, expresses that Seven Loaves “serve[s] all people regardless of place of residence, income, faith, race, gender, sexual identity, disability, or other criteria” (Erickson). Seven Loaves’ welcoming attitude epitomizes their want to make a difference. For instance, to help the community, Seven Loaves offers “food distributions 3 times a week where we provide around 50-60 pounds of grocery foods per household. Households may come one time a week for food and we provide home deliveries to vulnerable patrons” (Erickson). This initiative illustrates their mission to aid those who need nutritional food. Donating is one way to support Seven Loaves. They “are always grateful for monetary and food donations” (Erickson). Additionally, they collect hygiene products. Donating allows Seven Loaves to continue to provide food and support to their “pantry patrons” (Erickson). Volunteering is also a great way to be involved. Seven Loaves currently has about fifty core volunteers, but they always welcome more. The community can aid Seven Loaves’ goal to continue its mission and raise awareness for food insecurity through donating and volunteering. Tami Erickson states, “[w]hen we give back to the community, it helps others to know that they are not alone in the challenges they face in their lives and it reminds us that we are all in this together” (Erickson). By giving back, the community grows stronger. It promotes togetherness and compassion. Seven Loaves is a great place to start being involved.

Nonprofits like Windy Hill, A Place to Be, and Seven Loaves provide varied opportunities to assist the community through donating and volunteering. Providing support to others builds strength and humanity. Service is one way to support Middleburg and its citizens. Overall, by helping others, members of the community work to support nonprofits, citizens, and the greater world.

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