As you humans go into your holiday season, I want to remind you that people are good. Many of you have had a tough and confusing last two years, and I know tensions are high, and you are exhausted. Well, animals are exhausted as well, but we know we must be there for you, humans. It’s easy at this point to want to give up on other humans because there has been so much disruption and tension, but this is the perfect time to stop and take hold of your compassion and empathy and see how you can bring more joy into your own life by caring for others. 

 I see a lot of interactions in town, and I have noticed something different. Maybe this is because of the masks, but I see only half as many people look down at me and smile or even notice me. And I am very cute. Hard to pass by. I think everybody is just trying to get thru the day, and it’s more complicated than ever to take a moment to look at someone or stop for a second to notice others around you. Smiles are tucked under masks, which makes it more challenging to read a person’s expression. But I have also seen many people going out of their way to make a moment pleasant. Like, my friend Antwon at the post office. He always greets us with a smile and asks Tom how he is doing. Or Lisa at the pharmacy, no matter how backed up her line is, she talks to Tom like a friend. Or the ladies at the bank, always with a treat and a smile. And I also have noticed many people stopping us and asking Tom about how he feels, and many have asked about how I’m doing. Come on, humans can’t be that bad if they ask how dogs are doing. It doesn’t take much to ask one question or even to make one positive comment to someone. Like, last week, someone stopped Tom to tell him they loved my pumpkin outfit I was wearing. Now, I don’t particularly appreciate dressing up, but I’ll take a compliment any day. 

All of you humans are trying hard to make life bearable and better, so don’t give up on your fellow man or dog. Recently, everyone has been fragile somehow, and we must remember how similar we all are. Well, I have fur, and humans don’t, but you get the idea. The last many years have been full of fear and uncertainty, and we all need to step up and show a little more love to everyone around us. And as you go into your holiday events and get-togethers, remember to have patience with others. Even before you interact with any other humans, think about how you can reach out and show care and compassion. Listen, I know what I am talking about. Dogs are the masters of care and compassion. Humans have always been a little bit behind, but it’s never too late!

Happy Holidays!

Love, Hazel

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