Happy New Year, Middleburg!  Usually at this time of year we are generally making (or breaking) resolutions for the upcoming year. Survey says the most common areas where people pledge change are to save more, lose a few, exercise, dry up, and clean out.  All lovely intentions for the future. But what if you could Marty McFly back in time?  What advice would you give your younger self to resolve?

Be nice to everyone, particularly the underdog but also the bully. 

Nothing is attractive about overly Aqua-netted bangs.  Don’t do it.  Save the Ozone Layer. 

You will want those eyebrows one day. Don’t over pluck no matter what look is on the cover.  It’s airbrushed.

Learn to establish boundaries with others and stick by them.  It will be the most valuable tool in all aspects of your life. 

Knowing how to drive a stick shift will set you apart.  

Listen to the stories of your elders.  Write them down.  Ask for more.  

Fall in love with the one that broke your heart again.  It’s part of your foundation.

Always be truthful. 

Quality over quantity in everything.

Take more pictures.  Make photo albums when the memories are fresh.

Keep a journal.  

Don’t eliminate doing the stupid things.  Just don’t do the ones that will get you or someone else killed.  Lessons are valuable.  So is life. 

Buy Apple stock.  Lots of it. 

Unless you know the locale of a flux capacitor sporting Delorean in your ‘hood, I’m not hopeful for time traveling lessons of yore.  But the good news is, it’s never too late (except maybe for your eyebrows and Apple stock) to start now.  Take the advice you’d give to your past and make it present and future.   

Wishing you all blessings, peace and love in 2022.

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