At times, women can be seriously catty individuals. Remember the movie “Mean Girls?”  I wish that script was all Hollywood, but in reality, there is no woman I know who hasn’t been the target of some sort of bitchy alpha moment among her female counterparts. Ladies, we don’t need to be BFFs with everyone, but we need to stick together. Help a sister out instead of tearing her down; we need to look out for each other.

Always let your friend know when there is a “bat in the cave .”No one wants to walk around with a booger hanging out of her nose. The same goes for lipstick on the teeth, run-away mascara, and leftovers in between your grill.   

A true friend is always honest about outfit checks. Before going out, if the genuine answer to the “Do I look ok in this?” question is “No,” be honest with your pal and help them find an alternative.   If they are already out in a poorly chosen ensemble, the answer is “You look fabulous,” as you don’t want to deflate a friend when nothing can be done. Just give her a confidence boost and let her inner light shine. This is where the karma Gods could really mess with you the next time you want to dress to impress.

Bathroom blunders. Please pass the TP under the stall when requested, share an extra feminine hygiene product to a stained sister, stop the white trailing train stuck underfoot, and always, always let your stall mate know if she has her ensemble tucked into her knickers before she struts her wardrobe malfunction in public. It’s common courtesy. 

Don’t body shame. Ever.  Anyone with an ovary knows there will inevitably be a point where your weight swings like a pendulum.   You never know what someone has gone through to change the scale number or size. It often may not be what you think, and it is never appropriate to judge based on size. We are all beautiful. 

Ladies, keep your mitts off of OPP. Men can sometimes be the predators here but step back if you find out they are married or taken. If you are a single lady who intentionally seeks married men, remember what goes around comes around when someone eventually puts a ring on your finger.

Rumors. Don’t start them. Don’t spread them.

As much as we think our divine inner Goddess is flawless, I assure you a mistake will be made at some point. Apologize. It takes a strong, genuine woman to say she’s sorry and admit fault. Listen, accept and forgive if appropriate.  

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