Middleburg, Va
Middleburg, Va

Eura Lewis and Mark Snyder Remerbered

Eura and Mark served on the Town Council for many years and were long-time residents of Middleburg.

Mayor Bridge Littleton opened the comments by saying, “though they might not be here with us on Earth anymore, they are always in our hearts, and their hard works are always going to be reflected in our community.”

Overwhelmingly, Mark was remembered for his passion and attention to detail regarding the town’s water system over the 20 years he served on Council. Bridge talked about his father’s remark (Former Council member Trobridge Littleton). “If it weren’t for Mark, we would be in a disaster area.” Mark played a pivotal role in bringing the water system and the new treatment plant to fruition, allowing Salamander Resort and Spa to become a reality. “We owe him a debt of gratitude as a broader community, not only today but for decades to come,” Littleton said.

Eura Lewis was known for her passion and her attention to detail. Eura was a driving force behind the ongoing work for the Middleburg Museum. Bridge summed Lewis up this way. “I mean, just detail-oriented. Everything was lined up. But what was most impressive about Eura was her absolute passion not only for equality but for this community. I mean, Eura deeply and intensely believed that this community and the entire breadth of this community, not just one segment or the other, was something unique was something special, was something that she was passionate about protecting.”
Art in the Burg

The event was started to bring and share art with the town community and visitors. Mary Ann Burns presented the new scope for Art in the Burg. The programs would like to bring a broader range of the arts to the community. One of the most notable additions to the event will be Ten Minutes Musicals. The success of A Christmas Carol as part of the last year’s Christmas in Middleburg led to the addition of Ten Minutes Musicals to Art in the Burg Event; Erin Colder of The Hill School, who directed the play during the Christmas event, has offered to help make this become a reality. Mary Ann went on to say the funding for the event would need to be increased to cover the cost of hiring a music production manager and the licensing fees for the Musicals.

Several other ideas for the event will be a fashion show with a spin. Local businesses will create wearable fashions to walk down the runway built from something the company uses or creates in their line of work, such as a dress made from newspapers in the case of the Middleburg Eccentric. Local restaurants will do cooking demonstrations. There will be historical walking tours and sculptures built from canned food later donated to Seven Loves food bank.

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