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For The Birds – Sincerely me

Portrait of beautiful peacock with feathers out

Have you ever taken the DOPE (Dove, Owl, Peacock, Eagle) test? It’s an exciting self-discovery quiz designed to gain meaningful insight. Use the tool to discover your inner strengths and positive qualities.

I was introduced to the concept at a networking meeting where the attendees reviewed the characteristics of each bird personality, chose the one they thought best described themselves, and then the group shared what bird they thought you were. 

I was first in the hot seat. The entire room agreed that I was a peacock. Me? A peacock? Nope. Adjectives used to describe peacocks are “Confident, outgoing, the center of attention….” I am so much more of a dove than a peacock. Doves are described as “shy, sensitive, and supportive .”How could anyone think of me as a peacock when I am shy and like to put on an invisible shield in public? I’ve fallen butt first in a trashcan before and had many other doofus-like blunders that make me neither confident nor outgoing. I once cried on the street in DC because I couldn’t find the door to the building I needed to enter. Ugly cried. I was too shy to ask anyone where I needed to go. I am totally a dove.  

How interesting that I thought of myself as a dove and everyone else thought of me as a peacock. Where is the test to verify false positives? Where are my peacock-colored glasses? I’ll just be hanging out over here in my neutral, dove-toned brain until I find them. 

Just in case you want to play along at home. The following are DOPE personality descriptions courtesy of Google.  

Dove: The peaceful and friendly Doves are persons of diplomacy and tact. Overall, they are people-oriented, sympathetic, supportive, and team players. They have good listening skills, pleasant to work with, and can be relied upon. When there are conflicts, they are more likely to avoid confrontation, change, and assertiveness. They will often seek affirmation in what they do. 

Owl: The wise and analytical Owls are the perfectionist, methodical, determined, well-organized, and systematic lot. Their mottoes are precision and logic. They provide balance in the workplace because of their perseverance, diligence, and penchant for structure. Decision-making can take a tedious and meticulous process, and they can be bullheaded and unbending if logic dictates so. They are also wont to be critical and fault-finding, especially on other people’s ideas. 

Peacock: The showy and cheerful Peacocks embody happiness and optimism. They love to talk, and they prefer the fast chase and spontaneity. Because they are glib talkers filled with enthusiasm, they work well in sales and marketing of ideas. While they are social and fashionable fowls, they are often inattentive, impatient, and manipulative. They are not keen on time management and are oblivious to details. Every so often, they seek recognition for what they do.

Eagle: The bold and authoritative Eagles are typically dominant and decisive persons. They are usually thought of as Type-A people. As leaders, they are dynamic, natural achievers, and decisive. They are output-oriented and prefer the workplace to be well-structured and fully functional. Negatively, they can be impatient, manipulative, domineering, compelling, and insensitive to other people’s needs.

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