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The Whiffenpoofs – What a magical hour!


And it was over in a poof! I don’t think the group would mind the pun at all. In between the most marvelous acapella renditions of songs, the Yale University Whiffenpoofs entertained a packed ballroom of music lovers with jokes and hijinks and even a bit of break dancing.

Each year, 14 senior Yale students comprise the acapella group founded in 1909 as a senior quartet that met weekly at Mory’s Temple Bar. The “Whiffs” are one of Yale’s most celebrated traditions and so beloved that the group is given a year off from their studies to tour the globe. Three of the members hail from the area, and as is the custom, the group visits the hometown or state of each member throughout the year on their tour. These family members, who were also “Whiffs” in their days at Yale, joined in for a song along with their pride and joy. 

Their repertoire has grown over the decades to include jazz standards, famous hits from yesteryear, and old Yale tunes. Giving more than 200 concerts across six continents each year, they were headed to Columbia (South America), where one member’s family lives. He joked that none speak English so that a translator will be busy! The Whiffs are completely self-supported (no University $ support) and welcome the support through donations and sales of their CD. Visit www.whiffenpoofs.com for more information.

 The next event in the Middleburg Concert Series is the Hunt Country Music Festival on Friday, May 20, through Sunday, May 22. Visit www.middleburgconcerts.com to purchase tickets.


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