Middleburg is getting ready for its second 1000 Miglia after a two-year Covid-19 hiatus. Plans are in the works to make it bigger than before.

From October 20-22, this historic race and car event will take place in downtown Middleburg. 

On Thursday, October 20, there will be a green flag sendoff in town, showcasing the various cars. On Friday, October 21, spectators can enjoy a lively street festival featuring a 200-meter precision race, food trucks, and other festivities to kick off the longer races on Saturday, October 22. The actual routes of these races are still in the planning stages.

Originating in Italy, this race and collectible car show event were established in 1927 as a speed race by Giovanni Canestrini, Franco Mazzotti, Renzo Castagneto, and Aymo Maggi. Today, it is an opportunity to view historic cars and enjoy a race that passes the most beautiful parts of Italy, from Brescia to Rome and back.

Dave Olimpi Automobiles initially helped to bring this event to Middleburg in 2019. According to Danny Davis, Middleburg Town Manager, “ The Town has already had numerous meetings with the organizers in Italy, building on our experience from 2019 and planning to make 2022 great.” 

Davis says, “The cars we expect to be part of this event include: the official ‘1000 Miglia era’ cars built between 1927-1957. They were the models originally accepted into the race in Italy during that time. You’ll see a lot of Alfa Romeos, Jaguars, Ferraris, and Healeys. You will also see post-1000 Miglia era cars similar to those accepted in the original event. For example, in 2019, we had a 1992 Ferrari Testarossa and a 2009 Mercedes-Benz SLR McLaren participate in the 1000 Miglia Warm-Up USA.”

In addition, Davis expects there will be several exclusive vehicles participating. “We hope to see a 1957 Ferrari in the event; there were only 53 made that year.”

Town officials are hoping for around 30 participating vehicles, which means 60 persons in the cars. Each vehicle has a driver and a navigator). In 2019, there were participants from all over the USA, including California, Michigan, Florida, and Texas. There was also a team from Poland. 

According to Davis, “We expect to have participants from all over the country again, and we hope to draw in additional international participants. We met many international drivers when we visited race officials in Italy in preparation for this event and encouraged them to visit Middleburg.”

Davis adds, “The Dutch participants responded with ‘We have a Middleburg in the Netherlands’ – so we told them they needed to come to visit our Middleburg.”

Logistically, there will be limited street closures during the event, and communications about these will go out in late September and early October. Traffic plans are currently in development. 

Invitations and marketing materials are going to regional car clubs, and print media/social media notifications are in preparation. Italian car groups and other international groups are being invited, and these attendees will provide opportunities for local accommodations to show off their hospitality and develop reputations with international travelers.  

This event is unique and can’t be re-created just anywhere,” We hope people see the community spirit and how our historic downtown makes this event so similar to the main event in Italy. It is the people and the sense of community that makes Middleburg special – and that shines in an event like the 1000 Miglia,” states Davis.

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