The Middleburg United Methodist Church recently took on a new appointment, Jonathan Lamb. Jonathan Lamb is a young pastor just celebrating his thirty-fourth birthday. Lamb has not only an immense love of serving but also a love of history and the outdoors.

The Church was foundational in Jonathan Lamb’s life as a young child. However, his first calling to ministry happened when he was in Highschool. After trouble with academics in his early education, Lamb turned to God for help. From there, he grew his connection to the Church. When Lamb was seventeen, he concluded he “wanted people to know that God loved them” (Lamb) and share the Church with others. In his career, Jonathan Lamb has served as a minister, youth group organizer, and hospital chaplain. In his position at the  Middleburg United Methodist Church, Jonathan Lamb is excited to uphold this idea: “the sharing of God’s love” (Lamb). 

Recently, Jonathan Lamb led his first worship at the Middleburg United Methodist Church. Lamb treasures the ability to talk to others about God’s role. Lamb also chose to share about himself in this worship, which he described as “a step outside my comfort zone” (Lamb). He believed this was an excellent way to connect with the new Church. Lamb does not have any specific plans for the Church as “it is important to listen and learn about the congregation and the community to create a vision along with them” (Lamb). However, one notable area of expansion might be the Children’s Ministry. Lamb believes it would be a valuable area to develop. 

Jonathan Lamb wants to be present to further connect with the Middleburg Community. He values being available to speak with those in the community, whether in the coffee shop or local restaurant. Lamb further believes he can offer “grace and compassion”  (Lamb) to the community. 

Overall, Jonathan Lamb is excited at the opportunities of this new appointment. He is ready to “see people grow in their relationships with God and also in their love and compassion for their neighbors” (Lamb). 

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