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Who has time to go to town council meetings? Who has the energy to review the minutes of these meetings ? Who has the resources to find out what new businesses are coming to town, what events are taking place, and how these things will change life in Middleburg? The answer is your local community newspaper…the Middleburg Eccentric.

The paper serves as the uniting voice of the community. It reaches all those living in town and its environs, regardless of their economic status, technological expertise, or ability to access the internet.

Community newspapers are a dying breed in the world of social media, shrinking advertisement budgets, and a dwindling sense of what is local. The void they leave behind once they cease to exist is large and destructive to a community. 

The Middleburg Eccentric is an essential part of the town and its communities of nonprofits, charitable organizations, local businesses, and events. Besides covering and reporting on local news, it contributes in many ways to improve the lives of its residents. The paper often runs advertisements for nonprofits for free. It supports local charities by disseminating their news releases on its pages. The paper also encourages its readership to participate in and care about their town and its people.

Nonprofits such as A Place To Be, a therapeutic arts organization that offers unique and innovative programs to emotionally and intellectually challenged young teens and adults, run free ads in the paper regularly. Middleburg Humane Fondation’s ads also are published without charge. Other organizations such as the local Seven Loves, Middleburg Community Center, and the Windy Hill Foundation are all supported regularly in the pages of the Eccentric.

This kind of activity is part of the mission of a community newspaper. The paper is essentially the glue that holds the community together. It provides a place for all these activities and events to coalesce. It is where all different interests, concerns, and beliefs can meet and discover what the rest of the town is doing. It is a place for people to care and to be cared about. It is personal and it is public.

In a nutshell, the Middleburg Eccentric shines a light on the community in a holistic way. In this role it helps to protect the future of the town and provide a forum for all of its facets to be represented and heard. Many readers have commented on how they depend on it. So, in order to continue to have this valuable voice in the life of Middleburg, there must be support. Community members both individually, and in their business concerns, must include the paper in their marketing plans and ensure the paper is supported with their advertisements throughout the year. 

Make sure that you and your business ensures this voice of the town continues to exist by including it in your advertising programs. Not only will this help support this voice and all the local charities it supports, but it will benefit your bottom line. Your ads will reach the people you need to reach, your neighbors and fellow community members. It’s a win/win you can’ ignore. 

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