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Middleburg Eccentric November 2021, Volume 18 Issue 7

THIS MONTH IN THE ECCENTRIC: Town of Middleburg Elections Now, Virginia Fall Races Captures The Middleburg Spirit Held in November, Middleburgs’ State of the...

Creighton Farms Invitational Hosted by Jack Nicklaus Raised Almost $1.4...

Warren Ralston, Devin Wilkins, Joshua Witherill, Pedro Torres, Chesson Hadley
The extremely popular Creighton Farms Invitational Hosted by Jack Nicklaus returned to Creighton Farms this year after a year-long hiatus due to the pandemic....

Once Lost Buzz Found

The initial post on Jeanne Morency’s Facebook page read: “There is a loose horse, “Buzz,” south of Middleburg. ... he most likely still has...

Middleburg Eccentric October 2021, Volume 18 Issue 6

THIS MONTH IN THE ECCENTRIC: NSLM Polo Classic Polo Perfection!, Once Lost Buzz Found, It Takes a Village to End Human Trafficking, Purcellville Police...

Oreo the pony’s ride to Home

Rescuing animals is a great way to help reduce the number of animals in shelters while providing loving companions to owners. Animal shelters are...

Conservation Easements and Land Banks – The Fence Post

Horse farm fences
Voluntary land conservation in Virginia depends heavily upon conservation easements. Significant tax incentives, including Virginia’s Land Preservation Tax Credit, are available to Virginia easement...

MARS Great Meadow International CCI

Lillian Heard 410 on Dassett Olympus
Great Meadow lives up to its name once again. Under four days of cloudy to overcast skies (the best kind when it’s 90 degrees...

Food Scrap Composting Is Coming to Middleburg

Food scrap composting is coming to Middleburg!  A few months ago, the Eccentric carried our article describing why more and more people are composting...

Middleburg’s newest community event

If you have been in town on a Saturday morning this summer, you may have noticed a group of exciting automobiles parked outside Middleburg...

Middleburg Eccentric September 2021, Volume 18 Issue 5

THIS MONTH IN THE ECCENTRIC: MARS Great Meadow International CCI, Middleburg’s newest community event, Encouraging, Supportive Relationships Build Powerful Communities, Middleburg Auto Parts, Food...