Digital History – In Unison

The early days of the World Wide Web were remarkable. From my desk in Virginia in 1994, I could “log in” to a computer...

Queen Bee – Sincerely me

The memorable character Bubba Blue from Forrest Gump speaks of different types of shrimp. “Dey’s uh, shrimp-kabobs, shrimp creole, shrimp gumbo. Pan fried, deep...

Oral-Systemic Link for Overall Health

“Oral-systemic” is the connection between your oral health and your entire health system. Poor oral health has been linked is to conditions such as...

Pianist Lyle Mays and Community – In Unison

Are you sick of Facebook yet?  I am, and the release in 2020 of the documentary, The Social Dilemma almost caused me to cancel...

Fiori di Sicilia Sponge Cake with Poured Custard

Fiori di Sicilia is an all natural Italian extract that is a cross between vanilla and citrus. It gives this light as air sponge...

Off the Grid – In Unison

I do fishing trips in northern Maine where I skip off the grid for several days. It’s something I try to do at least once...

Hi-ho, Hi-ho – Sincerely me

I got fired from my first job 30 years ago at age 15.  Before you make an assumption, let me explain.   I have always had...

Should I Whiten My Teeth? – Middleburg Smiles

“Should I whiten my teeth or not?” is one of the most common questions hygienists and dentists get from patients.  Most patients’ questions are...

Stress Relief – Fitness Pro

Stress is just a six-letter word.  Seems harmless enough.  Truly not a scary word.  However, stress can become the enemy if management protocols are...

Vines, the Good and the Bad – The Plant Lady

With summer’s arrival, the garden bulks up. It may seem like new growth has surpassed the gardener’s ability to maintain. This is especially so...