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Anxiety and the immune system

Bad news seems to come in waves. Pandemics, stock market fluctuations, and constant 24-hour news.  All of this can send the calmest person into...

Golf Fit  – Fitness Expert

The golf swing is a very complex coordinated movement that has compressive forces close to eight times your body weight. Swinging the club repeatedly...

Pilates 101 – Fitness Professional

Pilates can help to change how you do other tasks in life.  In fact, pilates practice three times a week can change your body...

Rebalance your body with Pilate – Fitness Professional

Pilates has been around a long time.  Created by Joseph Pilates around 1918. He was born in Germany, by 1912 he was living in...

Could Magnesium be the missing link?

Magnesium is an often an overlooked mineral that is responsible for over 300 processes in the body.    When we don’t get enough magnesium through...

Seventy five percent of fitness is nutrition – Fitness Professional

fitness is nutrition
Everyday there seems to be a commercial on television touting the miracle weight loss stories and the hope of total fitness by doing some...

A Look Back, Helps Us Look Forward, Be Grateful – Fitness...

A Look Back, Helps Us Look Forward, Be Grateful - Fitness Professional
As 2016 comes to an end, it is nice to take a look back at all that was accomplished. Whether it is goals that...

Super Powerful Kale – Fitness Professional

One of the most powerful superfoods is kale.Yes, that green vegetable that you really hated as a child. It has vitamin A, vitamin B1,...

Stay Fit no matter what your age

As we age our bodies go through many changes.  Morning stiffness in joints is not uncommon.  Sometimes our back will ache and maybe it...

Exercise and Parkinson’s

Recent research has shown that all types of exercise benefit those who have Parkinson’s. Exercise can help with stiffness and rigidity as well as...