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My Annual Festival Recommendations – In Unison

We’re in the midst of a cold but dry winter, so what better time to start thinking about summer music festivals?  As the music...

Streaming Music Expands – In Unison

The digital streaming tidal wave is finally overcoming many of those labels that have held back. A few years ago, big artists like Taylor...

Playlists – In Unison

I’m not sure how Pandora continues to exist. While a number of my friends swear by it, I have never been a fan of...

In Unison–April 2020

The festival season for 2020 was looking pretty awesome for those of us living in the Piedmont. DelFest in Cumberland, MD has a lineup...

Hang in there – In Unison

By now, a lot of us are getting used to telework or hunkering down at home. If you have decent Internet bandwidth, there is...

An Internet Rant – In Unison–June 2020

The Voice of America recently did a story on Loudoun County, calling it the place where the Internet lives.  There are more than 18...

Mid-year new albums – In Unison

It’s June, COVID is still with us, and many of you are still home. Here are ten great new albums you can check out....

Pirate Radio Lives – In Unison

During the sixties in the United Kingdom, the record companies controlled the music that any disc jockey could play over the airwaves. Combine that...

Steve’s Picks for 2020

Rick Beato
We’re rapidly approaching the year anniversary of the pandemic. In my case, I have been teleworking since March, spending most of time within a...

Off the Grid – In Unison

I do fishing trips in northern Maine where I skip off the grid for several days. It’s something I try to do at least once...