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Health and Nutrition – Middleburg Smiles

Since the onset of COVID-19, we have been establishing new routines to stayA healthy. Covid-19 prevention has placed a heavy emphasis on personal hygiene...

Dentistry for Children Q&A – Middleburg Smiles

When should I bring in my child for their first dental visit? The first visit should be after the baby teeth first begin to erupt....

Dental Office Safety and COVID-19 – Middleburg Smiles

Now that we have emerged from quarantine and restrictions are being slowly removed, patients want to know are they safe to resume dental care....

Do I Need a Mouthwash?

Halitosis (bad breath), stained teeth, cavities, dry mouth, or gum disease are reasons you may consider using a mouthwash, otherwise known as a mouth...

Coronavirus Pandemic – Middleburg Smiles

We find ourselves in a bit of a surreal time as we are fighting an invisible foe, called coronavirus or COVID-19. Right now, our...