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Health and Nutrition – Middleburg Smiles

Since the onset of COVID-19, we have been establishing new routines to stayA healthy. Covid-19 prevention has placed a heavy emphasis on personal hygiene...

Should I Whiten My Teeth? – Middleburg Smiles

“Should I whiten my teeth or not?” is one of the most common questions hygienists and dentists get from patients.  Most patients’ questions are...

Dental Implants: Are they Right for You? – Middleburg Smiles

Because dental implants are so successful, there may be a question about when you should treat or remove questionable teeth and replace them with...

Dental Health Tips for Caregivers

Oral health is an integral part of everyone’s overall health. However, daily management of good oral hygiene is not always easy or possible for...

Dental Care Through the Decades of Life

Dental needs change through the different decades of life.  They reflect the stages of health and lifestyle.  To meet the needs of maintaining proper...