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5-spice duck salad with kumquat dressing – The Kitchen Philosophy

I am celebrating the season of citrus with this recipe - clean and refreshing kumquats and blood oranges combined with roasted sweet potatoes and...

Backyard Barbecues – Kitchen Philosophy

Fire up the barbeque for this locally inspired Fourth of July celebration using classic summer favorites all grown and produced here and near to...

Do I Need a Mouthwash?

Halitosis (bad breath), stained teeth, cavities, dry mouth, or gum disease are reasons you may consider using a mouthwash, otherwise known as a mouth...

Steve’s Picks for 2021 – In Unison

It’s easy to get into a musical rut, so I look forward to tracking the newest music every year.  In December I take some...

Mid-year new albums – In Unison

It’s June, COVID is still with us, and many of you are still home. Here are ten great new albums you can check out....

Pigs Can Fly – Sincerely me

I have the most amazing horse ever to walk the face of the earth, and my connection and bond with her are like those...

Experiencing the Magic of Local Farms

The Spring Equinox is past, and the weather is warming--sure signs that our local farms will soon be offering vegetables, fruits, and flowers. Local...

Pianist Lyle Mays and Community – In Unison

Are you sick of Facebook yet?  I am, and the release in 2020 of the documentary, The Social Dilemma almost caused me to cancel...

Dental Office Safety and COVID-19 – Middleburg Smiles

Now that we have emerged from quarantine and restrictions are being slowly removed, patients want to know are they safe to resume dental care....

Fiori di Sicilia Sponge Cake with Poured Custard

Fiori di Sicilia is an all natural Italian extract that is a cross between vanilla and citrus. It gives this light as air sponge...