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The Artist’s Perspective – October 2015

My dearly departed Aunt Dottie was a professional photographer. There was never a shortage of wonderful framed portrait photographs around, especially of my beautiful...

Ornamental Kale and Cabbage – The Plant Lady

Once cold weather settles in, choices for containers and seasonal displays are not overwhelming. Pansies and violas come to mind, a few choice perennials...

Kathy Kusner’s Inspiring Clinic

Kathy Kusner has done clinics for me for over 15 years. I Learn something new every time.  She is my teacher, my mentor and...

Indoor Air Quality Impacts Your Health and Comfort

The air you breathe inside your home could be the most polluted air you breathe all day.  The Environmental Protection Agency cited indoor air...

Gratitude and Fitness

Recently, I encountered a conversation with an older gentlemen; he was working at a local drug store.  I asked him if he was having...

Albert’s Corner – November 2015

Along time ago, I wrote a letter to Santa. I waited patiently for a response, but it never came. At first, I chalked it...

Honoring Tradition

Last month, in the article cooing my darling husband for our anniversary, I wrote,  “traditions are bonds that grow stronger each year.”   As...

Donna and Buddy

“Buddy is a Tibetan Terrier.  You think he is a terrier, but he is not a terrier.  The Tibetans are a 2000 year old...

How Do You Ensure a Successful Design?

A successful remodeling project is one that improves your family’s enjoyment of your home long after the project is completed, and the process starts with...

The Artist’s Perspective – November 2015

I care about my eyes.  We all use them and we all, given a moment to think about what I have just said, would...