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Breathing – Fitness Professional

These days have us all breathing shallowly.  As if we are holding our breath, waiting for something else to happen.    So much like the...

How Do You Achieve Your Ideal Home?- Ask a Remodeler

Embarking on a renovation project can and should be exciting, though, for many, it’s overwhelming and disappointing.  In our experience, the path to a...

Getting Older – Around the Town

I always try to be honest when I write my column, and this time is no different. I am getting older. My body doesn’t...

Vines, the Good and the Bad – The Plant Lady

With summer’s arrival, the garden bulks up. It may seem like new growth has surpassed the gardener’s ability to maintain. This is especially so...

Stress Relief – Fitness Pro

Stress is just a six-letter word.  Seems harmless enough.  Truly not a scary word.  However, stress can become the enemy if management protocols are...

Should I Whiten My Teeth? – Middleburg Smiles

“Should I whiten my teeth or not?” is one of the most common questions hygienists and dentists get from patients.  Most patients’ questions are...

Hi-ho, Hi-ho – Sincerely me

I got fired from my first job 30 years ago at age 15.  Before you make an assumption, let me explain.   I have always had...

Off the Grid – In Unison

I do fishing trips in northern Maine where I skip off the grid for several days. It’s something I try to do at least once...

Fiori di Sicilia Sponge Cake with Poured Custard

Fiori di Sicilia is an all natural Italian extract that is a cross between vanilla and citrus. It gives this light as air sponge...