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Christmas or Thanksgiving Cactus

Settling the seasonal cacti dilemma, how do you tell the difference between Christmas and Thanksgiving cactus? Both are species of schlumbergera, named after Frederick...

Why do I get these Pesky, Painful Cold Sores?

Colds and flu are an unfortunate part of this otherwise festive season.  Frequently, with colds and flu come “cold sores”, so named because they...

Finding Balance

The human body is always striving for balance.  Internally, it operates efficiently when things are in balance.  If things should be a little off,...

Albert’s Corner

For years, scholars have debated about whether animals are capable of recalling the past and/or planning for the future. There is additional debate about...

Gift Ideas, 2015 – Sincerely me

Happy, happy holidays to you and yours!  Gift giving should always come with meaning and love.  Shopping is an art which I mastered while...

Megan and Anakin – A girl and their dogs

“I am the Equine Activities and Therapy Manager at the Rainbow Therapeutic Riding Center in Haymarket, Virginia and Anakin, my seven-year-old golden retriever, is...

How to manage your budget? – Ask a Remodeler

When you ask folks considering a remodeling project what they fear most, one of the most common concerns is the project coming in “over...

You as an Algorithm – iMed

If something can’t be measured, it doesn’t exist.  That’s why Haverhill, MA physician Dr. Duncan MacDougall in 1907 put especially sensitive scales beneath the...

The Artist’s Perspective

I was recently reminded that it has been 20 years since the National Gallery of Art hosted the first ever Johannes Vermeer retrospective. Featuring...

Poinsettia, the Back Story – The Plant Lady

The poinsettia has long been a symbolic plant of the Christmas season. A native of Mexico, where it is known as “flor de noche...