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Shhh, It Happens – Sincerely me

Recently at a dinner party I attended, the host thoughtfully broke the ice by asking each guest to relay one of their most embarrassing...

A Christmas Wish – Sincerely me

A Christmas Wish - Sincerely me
If you are a regular reader of my column, you know that I usually give shopping advice in December.   You also know that...

Humble and Kind – Sincerely me

Humble and Kind - Sincerely me
WOW!  Can everyone please take off their political boxing gloves and pause for the upcoming holidays?  In no way do I want to censor...

If The Shoe Fits- Buy It – Sincerely me

I have a little shoe addiction.  Ok, I have a big shoe addiction.  One time in the late ‘90’s I had over 300 pairs. From...

On the Move – Sincerely me

I have moved seven times in my life.  My husband has moved countless times, in fact, the year before we got married, he moved an exhausting...

Goonies Never Say Die – Sincerely me

We are living in a scary time at present. Most of us have never been through anything like it, and the uncertainty is a...

Summer Slimmin’- Sincerely me

New Year resolutions are often based on health, fitness and preparing for your summer “beach body.” I think that the dark winter days are...

Sincerely me: Lessons of 2016

Lessons of 2016
Happy New Year, readers!  I hope everyone is well on their way to fulfilling their resolutions and making 2017 a fantastic year.  2016, like...

Sincerely me: Treadmill Tales

“Let’s get physical, physical….” Olivia Newton John seductively sang in the ’80’s while sporting leg warmers and a shiny, spandex leotard.  Perhaps this was...

Winter Blues – Sincerely me

Even though spring is right around the corner and the days are already getting longer, we are still wrapped in the blanket of Ol’...