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Fall is a Time for Sowing – The Plant Lady

Maybe contrary to your notion of a timeline for seed sowing, fall is the best and perfect time to sow seeds of winter annuals...

The Carrot Family – The Plant Lady

The highly diverse carrot family offers many plants that are aromatic and useful as herbs or spices. When flowering they are described as umbelliferous,...

Witch Hazel – The Plant Lady

Witch hazels are large shrubs that flower in fall or winter. Their name is derived from the old English word “wice” which means pliant...

Big Trees – The Plant Lady

Virginia is a state with lots of champion trees and a big advantage; it’s home to the two most famous big tree hunters in...

Little Bluestem – The Plant Lady

Little Bluestem
Our local fields often contain a native grass that has a winter presence which is hard to miss. I have seen it turn a...

The seasonal flowers of Christmas, Florist Cyclamen – The Plant Lady

The seasonal flowers of Christmas, Florist Cyclamen - The Plant Lady
The seasonal flowers of Christmas are few. Nothing like the countless options for Mother’s Day or Easter. It boils down to forced flowers that...

Rethinking Fall Clean-up – The Plant Lady

It’s always been said that the gardener should get a physical in summer or fall when they are at the peak of their health....

The Plant Lady: Partners for Fall Flowering Bulbs

The most exuberant, fresh plant in our October gardens are the newly arrived fall flowering bulbs. After a deep summer slumber, they awake and push out...

Asters for Fall – The Plant Lady

The gardener is generally in a state of overload by fall. We’ve fought weeds, tangled with the hose a few too many times, and...

Spring Observations – The Plant Lady

Three years ago I began a very unscientific study of flowers per square foot in spring. My targeted plants were peonies versus iris, particularly...