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The Plant Lady: Partners for Fall Flowering Bulbs

The most exuberant, fresh plant in our October gardens are the newly arrived fall flowering bulbs. After a deep summer slumber, they awake and push out...

Spring Observations – The Plant Lady

Three years ago I began a very unscientific study of flowers per square foot in spring. My targeted plants were peonies versus iris, particularly...

Rethinking Fall Clean-up – The Plant Lady

It’s always been said that the gardener should get a physical in summer or fall when they are at the peak of their health....

The Carrot Family – The Plant Lady

The highly diverse carrot family offers many plants that are aromatic and useful as herbs or spices. When flowering they are described as umbelliferous,...

Vegetable Gardening – The Plant Lady

Maybe all the gardener grows is a vegetable garden, but this is undoubtedly the year to consider growing your own food if you haven’t...

May Flowers – The Plant Lady

May is the floral explosion month with roses, iris, clematis, and baptisia, all coming into flower. The work of general weeding turns to staking...

Fall is a Time for Sowing – The Plant Lady

Maybe contrary to your notion of a timeline for seed sowing, fall is the best and perfect time to sow seeds of winter annuals...

Some Like It Hot – The Plant Lady

It’s solstice time, the longest day of the year. With the sun at its highest, we enter the so-called dog days of summer when...

Spring Catalogs – The Plant Lady

As the seed catalogs arrive the gardener highlights or folds over pages of interest. While the garden is in its brown phase, colorful pages...

Vines, the Good and the Bad – The Plant Lady

With summer’s arrival, the garden bulks up. It may seem like new growth has surpassed the gardener’s ability to maintain. This is especially so...