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Little Bluestem – The Plant Lady

Little Bluestem
Our local fields often contain a native grass that has a winter presence which is hard to miss. I have seen it turn a...

Big Trees – The Plant Lady

Virginia is a state with lots of champion trees and a big advantage; it’s home to the two most famous big tree hunters in...

Witch Hazel – The Plant Lady

Witch hazels are large shrubs that flower in fall or winter. Their name is derived from the old English word “wice” which means pliant...

The Carrot Family – The Plant Lady

The highly diverse carrot family offers many plants that are aromatic and useful as herbs or spices. When flowering they are described as umbelliferous,...

Fall is a Time for Sowing – The Plant Lady

Maybe contrary to your notion of a timeline for seed sowing, fall is the best and perfect time to sow seeds of winter annuals...

Vegetable Gardening – The Plant Lady

Maybe all the gardener grows is a vegetable garden, but this is undoubtedly the year to consider growing your own food if you haven’t...

May Flowers – The Plant Lady

May is the floral explosion month with roses, iris, clematis, and baptisia, all coming into flower. The work of general weeding turns to staking...

Themed Gardens – The Plant Lady

My garden book library is extensive on two oak bookshelves my husband built. Winnowed down many times, there are some I’ve given away and...

Some Like It Hot – The Plant Lady

It’s solstice time, the longest day of the year. With the sun at its highest, we enter the so-called dog days of summer when...

Summer Symphony – The Plant Lady

Dependent on humidity and recent rain, my tree frogs are loudest at night, joined by the katydid who repeats katydid, Katy didn’t. Summer nights...