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Middleburg Eccentric LLC

Middleburg Eccentric is a locally owned and operated
community news organization, covering news in and around
Middleburg, Virginia.

Middleburg Eccentric is mailed monthly on the 4th Thursday of the month to Aldie, Bluemont, Delaplane, Haymarket, Middleburg, Marshall, Paris, Philomont, Rectortown, Round Hill, Stone Ridge, The Plains, Upperville, Waterford. As well is distributed in racks in and around the Middleburg Area.

Middleburg Eccentric
is published by
Middleburg Eccentric, LLC

Phone: 540-687-3200

Our offices are located at
36001 John Mosby Hwy
Middleburg VA  20117

Mailing Address:
PO Box 1768
Middleburg VA, 20118

Editor In Chief
Dee Dee Hubbard

Production Director
Jay Hubbard

Middleburg Eccentric LLC

Letters to the Editor Policy


Letters may be sent by email to
or by mail to PO Box 1768, Middleburg, VA 20118.

1 The newspaper does not endorse candidates for local, state or national office.

2. As a general rule, the newspaper does not cover fund-raising dinners or promotional gatherings limited to particular candidates or political parties.

3. Election-related news coverage will be at the sole discretion of the newspaper’s publisher and editor in the name of newsworthiness, reader interest and information.


1 Election-related letters MUST address pertinent or timely issues of interest to our readers at-large.

2. The newspaper does not publish partisan letters that promote or endorse local political candidates based solely on their record, reputation and qualifications. This constitutes paid political advertising.

3. Candidates themselves may not use the letters to the editor column to outline their views and platforms or to ask for votes. This constitutes paid political advertising.

4. The newspaper is particularly sensitive to organized “letter-writing campaigns” believed to be part of a contrived attempt by a political camp to use the editorial page for campaigning purposes, or to otherwise attempt to manipulate our policies for a political advantage. As with all letters and advertising content, the newspaper, at the sole discretion of management, reserves the right to reject any such letter.

5. The newspaper is likely to reject singular letters to the editor that are “signed” or submitted under the names of multiple authors. We will not publish such letters without information provided that allows us to promptly verify that each signatory is aware of and has agreed to the contents of the letter.

6. The newspaper strongly encourages writers to limit election-related letters to 300 words.

7. In the case of questionable content (e.g. unfounded allegations, statements of fact that are suspect, or assaults on a candidate’s character or moral standards), the newspaper reserves the right to verify such information before publication, or to edit letters. Any changes necessary to render a letter suitable for publication will be reviewed with the writer prior to publication whenever possible.

8. All letters must be signed and include the address and telephone number of the writer. Phone numbers are for questions and verification purposes only and will not be published.


1. All political advertising is charged at the prevailing open rate. (No discounts, special pricing or earned rates.

2. All political advertising must be paid for in advance. No exceptions.

3. All political advertising must carry a line reading “Authorized By….” or “Paid For By….” If authorized by the candidate, his authorized political committee or their agents, the ad must clearly state such. If not authorized, the ad must clearly and specifically state the name of the person, committee or organization who placed or financed the ad. (Personal identification may be requested.) In the case of citizens’ groups, committees and unofficial organizations, these must be established, registered and/or reasonably identifiable to the newspaper’s readers. If not, the name of the treasurer or another officer may be required.

4. The phrase “PAID POLITICAL ADVERTISEMENT” by itself is insufficient.

5. No political ads may be placed on special discounted pages or as part of any standing advertising features or categories within the newspaper that carry discounted or flat rates or restrictions on advertising. (e.g. page 1, main sports, directories, editorial page, comics page, etc.)

6. There is no guaranteed position or placement offered for political ads. All political ads will be placed ROP – Run of Press – in our normal course of laying out the newspaper.

7. In the case of questionable content (e.g. unfounded allegations, statements of fact that are suspect, or assaults on a candidate’s character or moral standards), the newspaper reserves the right to verify such information before publication, or to reject the material.