I recently had to compile a presentation on Middleburg for an out of town client.  Those of us that live or work in Middleburg have already been charmed by her mystique.  Visitors from far and wide flood the streets to meet her and experience her glory. It was quite the task to put on paper the splendor surrounding what life is like in and around our village to someone who didn’t know she existed.  As a local who has never observed our community as an outsider, upon doing research, I found something pretty remarkable.

Starting with a simple Google search on Middleburg, results included the town’s history, notable businesses and residents, the sporting lifestyle, community events and a whole lot about the Kennedy’s time in town.  What I didn’t expect to see is how many women were featured, so I was compelled to dig a little deeper.  Middleburg is not an ol’ boys club as often assumed, nor has she ever really been.  Amazing women have walked and still walk our streets and I have a newfound appreciation for our local sisterhood.

Foxcroft School has been educating incredibly strong women for over 100 years, and founder Charlotte Haxall Noland was no shrinking violet.  From the school’s website, “At Foxcroft’s heart is still the belief that a school for girls is better than a school with girls”.  Miss Charlotte was ahead of her time and her beliefs have shaped women worldwide. Take Look at some of the powerful women in town and beyond and I would dare say one could find an emerald green ring somewhere on her person. Sing, girls, sing!

Foxhunting is a huge part of our local community.  Do a little research into the local Masters of past and present.  You will come up with a formidable list of well-respected Ladies who took and still take their places at the front of the fields across Virginia’s Piedmont.  Recently there has been a group of local ladies who are on the forefront of reviving hunting aside.  What an absolute testament to women in the sport who choose to do it sideways with skillful style amongst their counterparts with a leg on each side.

Our female athletes, equestrian or otherwise, have risen to the tops of their games and have made national and international credibility for their accomplishments including Olympic medals.

Take a look at our local business owners, professionals, politicians, and philanthropists and you will see a strong feminine presence. What I love is that in such a small community, there isn’t a limit on what women can accomplish, they just go and do, leaving their marks on many industries.  I have intentionally left out names, but you all know who you are and what you contribute.  Thank you, ladies, for being my peers.

There was a time in history where intelligent, progressive women were turned into witch- kabobs.  Apparently, in Middleburg, our girls have always made their own rules and rather than becoming kabobs, just roasted weenies instead.  Well-behaved women seldom make history.

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  1. I remember going to Covert, her home, with my older brother and sister visit her in her round office when she would look at our report cards and give us a reward for any A we got.

  2. Miss Charlotte provided a woodworking shop in a small building beside Middleburg Elementary School. It was taught by Mr Warren. Our family still use some of the projects my brother and I made in the 50s.

  3. Miss Charlotte has changed so many lives, created such a bond between women! At the Middleburg Races someone said to me, “You must know So and So, she went to Foxcroft too!” We were all her children and continue to be! Well done, Brandy Greenwell

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